I’m Kylie.

Welcome to my creative home: Shorewood Studio.

I’ve been a writer, photographer, and digital creator for over ten years. I’m zealous about creating simple, direct, and powerful content online. 

Shorewood Studio officially began in 2015 and it’s been a wild ride ever since! See more about my services and capabilities. My recent clients include a former US President, a logistics company, and a local dog walker. My primary goal is create long-term, impactful working relationships. I provide an inning (or more) of relief pitching for individuals and teams who find themselves stretched thin.

In the last decade of writing and marketing on the web I’ve found that no strategy converts as effectively as clear, concise, purposeful content. My first pieces of advice are always: write well and solve your visitors’ problems.

Outside of client work I am working on my second book: Stories of Mompreneurs. I’m also in the beginning phases of a children’s book—stay tuned, it will be fun!

My undergraduate degree in English and Political Science is from Indiana University and my master's degree in Higher Education Administration is from Vanderbilt University.

I believe wholeheartedly in starting each day with caffeine. And when I’m not working you can find me along Lake Michigan, with my dog and son, photographing our surroundings.