Why I Made the Switch to Squarespace (and why you should too)

When I started blogging and maintaining websites I followed a fairly predictable path: Blogger > Wordpress.com > Wordpress.org. I loved learning Wordpress! It was complex and full of possibility. There are thousands upon thousands of great resources for Wordpress users out there and I particularly loved working with Genesis themes.

That being said, Wordpress is complex. And perhaps too full of possibility for most users. Including me. I spent far too many hours researching themes, adjustments, plug-ins, security needs, etc. After awhile I felt as if I were spending far too much time managing the technical and design aspects of my sites and not enough time speaking to my audience.

I heard many great things about Squarespace from other professionals and finally I decided to dip my toes in the water. I quickly became a convert! These days my site is fully migrated to Squarespace and it is my first recommendation to most clients. 

So why am I such a Squarespace fan? 

It's easy! Sure, as with everything there's a bit of fumbling around in the dark in the beginning, but the product is easy to learn and Squarspace provides great resources for you to get started with. Once I started my website on the platform I was floored by how quickly I could make my pages look great.

All Squarespace templates are responsive. They'll look amazing on phones, tablets, big screen TVs, etc. With a background in user testing, I know audiences will be viewing our websites from many different devices and it can be time intensive to ensure your site looks great on all of them. Luckily, Squarespace does the work for you. Their templates are smooth and scale down or up beautifully. No more broken images or buttons when your audience checks you out on their phone.

Squarespace templates are highly customizable. When you get started on the platform you pick a template to start with, but then you can tweak and edit and refine from there. Two websites can start with the exact same template, but end up looking wildly different. When I log onto a well done Squarespace site, I usually can't tell which template they have as a base.

The platform is incredibly affordable. With my Wordpress site, I paid for my domain, web hosting, design templates + child themes, an image gallery plugin, a contact form plugin, and technical help along the way (which could get very expensive depending on the request). Squarespace is $12/month for their basic website plan. These days, I pay my monthly Squarespace fee + my yearly domain fee. That's it. My costs are way down as is my stress level. 

There are a great articles and resources that compare and contrast Squarespace with Wordpress, but I usually just say this: unless you need something above and beyond what you see on most websites (something very technically unique) then you'll love Squarespace!

I could go into plenty more detail (and I will in future posts), but for now run over to check out the platform a bit more on your own. 

Image courtesy of Unsplash