A Brief Review of Google Domains


I started my internet adventures with GoDaddy as my domain host. Not really by choice, though. I purchased my original domain via Blogger and about 4-5 years ago Blogger and GoDaddy were partners. Thus, I was unknowingly a GoDaddy client. (I give this long explanation because GoDaddy advertising disgusts me and I really want to be clear I didn't know what I was doing when I became their client.)

Anywho, as my skill level grew, I learned to manage my domain(s) and started diving into the cPanel. Because I was very much a novice, I needed a lot of support and GoDaddy support sucked. On several occasions I waited in a queue for an hour or more at a time to chat with a live support person only to be told they couldn't help me for one reason or another.

FireShot Capture 48 - Google Domains – Google - https___domains.google_#_.png

Based on my respect for Shay Bocks and her recommendations, I switched to Bluehost.  And I was oh-so-happy. Bluehost has truly fantastic customer service and it's incredibly easy to chat with a live support person. Moreover, they have a treasure trove of support articles available to search. 

All of that being said, I recently switched to Google Domains. Why-oh-why would I switch domain services when I was perfectly happy with Bluehost? Here are a few reasons why making the switch was the right call for me:

  1. Google makes life easy. As I highlighted in my Squarespace post, I'm all about making the technical/back-end side of web communication as easy as possible. I already use Google for most of my company and personal communication and planning. It made sense to leverage the service for my domains as well.
  2. I don't need hosting anymore. Bluehost really shines as a web host and back when I was a Wordpress gal, I needed and utilized their support and services. Now that I'm with Squarespace, I just need a simple, straight-forward domain service and Bluehost is more than I need. 
  3. Pricing and billing with Google was clear. One gripe I did have with Bluehost was that the service billed me for extras I didn't realize I was receiving and didn't necessarily feel as if I needed. With Google Domains, it was $12/year. Including privacy registration. There were no other hidden fees or costs. Nice.
  4. I'm excited to see where this goes. Google Domains is still in beta and I like the idea of being part of the club if/when they roll out new features. I really enjoy leverage their tools and products and it sounds fun to me to be using them for domains. 

One amazing bonus of Google Domains, that I didn't know about until after I had made the switch, is that they integrate so easily with Squarespace. Pointing my Bluehost domains to Squarespace wasn't hard, but it did take a number of steps and it'd be easy for a novice to mess up or get overwhelmed. With my URL on Google Domains, I literally clicked two buttons and Squarespace + Google worked it out for me. No set-up required. Score!

Anyone else made the switch to Google Domains? I'd love to hear about your experiences!

PS: here's a review I read before making the switch. And another one