Customize Your Squarespace Logo and Favicon


Be sure your brand stands out

With Squarespace, the sky's the limit in terms of design customizations. I've seen a few highly creative Squarespace sites that look almost nothing like the Squarespace template they started as. To get something far out of the box, you'll like need to work with a Squarespace designer to help you push the envelope. But, the beauty of Squarespace is that you can get a custom look without hiring a designer. You just need to make a few tweaks so that your template matches your style or brand. 

Start by adding a logo, adjusting site colors, and changing site fonts. In this post, we'll talk about adding a logo.

Add a Logo  

Image via Squarespace Support

Image via Squarespace Support

By default, Squarespace uses the name of your site and puts a text-based logo up in the logo spot (which varies by template, but is usually in the upper left-hand corner of the upper middle of the site). You can edit this text and font to get it looking exactly like you want. Or, you can replace the text-based site name with a graphic logo. 

If you don't have a graphic logo, and you're not ready to embark on that process, it's fine to use a text-based logo. Be sure, though, to give it pizazz. A few tips for a text-based site title:

  • Ensure the title font, size, and letter spacing makes the title easy to read.
  • You site title should be unique from all other text on the site. It should be clear that it's important, distinct text.
  • Give your title plenty of breathing room. You can adjust the spacing around your site title in the Design's Style Editor section. 

If you don't have a graphic logo, but you're ready to get one, awesome! Here are a few great ways to go about creating or commissioning a website/business logo:

  • Find a logo design via Etsy. You can see hundreds (if not more) design portfolios here and a wide range of styles and prices. Look for designers with a large portfolio of other logos that appeal to you and someone within budget. 
  • Create a logo using Squarespace's logo creator. This tool keeps things really simple, but gives you the option to add striking iconography and a tagline. 
  • Check on Canva. One of my personal favorite resources, Canva allows you to create a ton of design elements without needing Photoshop. The resource is mostly free, but I recommend upgrading to Canva for Work if you enjoy the tool so you can leverage their Brand Kit.

 If you have a graphic logo and you're happy with it, fantastic! Upload it to Squarespace! A few reminders:

  • Upload a high resolution version of your logo. Otherwise your image becomes pixelated on zoom or larger screens.
  • Upload a .png file of your logo with a transparent background. This ensures that your logo looks sleek on any design template or website background color.
  • Consider adding or creating a social sharing logo. Imagery has a huge impact on the success of social media posts.

Don't forget a favicon!

A favicon is the teeny tiny image that appears on the left-hand side of your browser tab. They also appear by the sites listed in your bookmarks. By default, Squarespace gives you a gray square in that spot. But, you can (and should) upload a custom favicon. A favicon allows your site visitors to quickly and easily find your site among many open tabs. Additionally, it's another opportunity to brand your site. A favicon should not be the same thing as your logo (although it may be similar).

Some favicon tips:

  • Keep it simple! This is a very small spot so fine details and color variations aren't visible. 
  • Use a shape, icon, or strong font to represent your brand.
  • Size it appropriately. It cannot be more than 100KB on Squarespace. 
  • Upload it as a .png or .ico file. (Note: some versions of the Internet Explorer browser disregard .png favicons). 

Don't have a favicon? This is a great opportunity to try out Canva! Or, again, there are fantastic designs on Etsy that would love to help you out. 

Squarespace Help

One of the best things about Squarespace (I swear they're not paying me to say this—it's just true!) is their knowledge base resources. They have thousands of articles, videos, and chat boards devoted to a myriad of topics. 

Here are a few Squarespace help guides to assist you with your website titles, logo, and favicon:


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