How to Connect Your Squarespace Site to Your Social Media Accounts


Pull all of your marketing efforts together

Squarespace allows you to quickly and easily connect your website to your social media accounts. At the time of this writing, there are more than three dozen social media sites/apps built in to Squarespace. Displaying icon-based links to your social media pages is standard practice these days and it helps your customers learn more about you in the way they prefer. Some customers prefer the visual introduction of Instagram, while others like to explore the news layout of Twitter. If you're running social media pages/accounts, be sure to add them to your Squarespace website. 

A few notes up front:

  • You should only promote social media accounts where you are actively posting content and engaging with the community. 
  • Don't add social media pages just because other websites have them. It's better to have one social media account that you leverage really well than five that are all on autopilot and lag in content quality. 
  • Be aware that the more you draw attention to your social media pages the more likely you are to divert your audience away from your website and onto your social sites (this could be good or bad depending on your goals). 

To connect your Squarespace site to your social media accounts go to Settings > Website > Connected Accounts. Here, you can select Connect Account and you'll have many built-in social properties available to choose from. 


As you're connecting to these accounts, be aware of a few things:

As you connect each account you can select whether to "show" that social icon. This means the icon will automatically be visible on some templates. It also means that if you select the social links block somewhere on your site that this link will be included. You may want to have some social media accounts connected, so you can push new content to them, but not prominent on your site. In these case you need to deselect the Show Social Icon option when you connect the account. 

Many accounts will ask you to format the content you push. Squarespace uses a shorthand:

  • %t = post title
  • %u = post URL
  • %a = post author

You can format your push to be something like "Read %t at %u by %a!" and then it will show up on your social media page as "Read 10 Ways to Grow and Urban Garden by Susie Smith!" 

To hasten the process, log in on your computer to the social media account you're connecting to Squarespace before going to the Settings in Squarespace. 

When you connect Facebook to Squarespace be sure to 1) replace the Profile URL with your business page URL (your personal page is the default), and 2) select your business page as the push target

Finally, you should know that you can customize the look and feel of your social media icons in the Squarespace Style Editor. You can also decide if you have share buttons available on your blog posts (and which share buttons are available) by going to Settings > Website > Marketing > Share Buttons. Similarly, you can allow your audience to easily hover over images and share via Pinterest by going to Settings > Website > Marketing > Pin It Buttons. 

Happy Sharing!