Constructing a Life She Loves and Helping Others Do the Same

Steffani LeFevour of My Happi LIfe

Steffani LeFevour of My Happi LIfe

Name: Steffani LeFevour

Business: My Happi Life

Location: Oak Park, IL

Steffani is an open soul. She talks candidly on her website and Facebook page about her formerly unhealthy lifestyle and the work she put into constructing a life she now loves. Through her website and social media platforms, Steffani offers counsel on living a happier life and she works primarily as a happiness coach. 

My Happi Life (Steffani's second business!) started in 2012 after the birth of her first son. Her business is in a prime place these days and she's ready to take it to greater heights in the years to come. 

The Business Details

Let’s just jump right in: tell me about your mompreneur story. You run My Happi Life, right? 

I started My Happi Life five years ago when I finally quit my full-time job and decided to pursue my passion. I had heard the call for many years before that. This is my second business. Ten years ago I started an event business called Positive Focus Productions to produce inspiring events in Chicago with transformational leaders from around the world that would positively and powerfully enhance peoples lives. I did that for six years (while working my full-time "real" job), then decided I was ready to really do what I love. I now help busy moms shift their mindset so they can find more lasting happiness. I do one-on-one coaching, group coaching, programs, courses and retreats.  


You run your business full-time or part-time? 

It’s both! I work when I want, where I want, and only do what I love.  


Are you a solo mompreneur or do you employ a team? Tell me about the business structure.

I was for a long time, but now I have a great team. I have a virtual assistant (with the right VA anything is possible!) and a project manager. I also use a Facebook ads team and a personal assistant. I’ve gotten really great at outsourcing!


What was the impetus for starting your photography business? Tell me about the on-ramp process for you? How long did it take for you to feel like you were finally “up and running?” How long now have you been running this business?

It took a year to get the website built and actually launch. It took about three years for me to feel like it was successful.  

What in your background prepared you for this business?

I was a theater major in college and I think that really helped me present myself well. And it helps me with videos, public speaking, and coaching in general. I also have plenty of fun certifications and am a trained facilitator in a few coaching modalities.  


What’s the vision for your business? Where have you been and how does your vision guide where you’re going? 

My vision is to create Happi Mom Squads all over the world. And to have a #1 podcast for happi moms with a really engaged community. And host luxury retreats around the world.  


So, how’s your business doing? Are you happy with it’s success/progress/state? 

Yes and ready for it to exponentially expand.  

What’s one detail you’d like to change about your business?

I'd like my platform or community list to be larger. 

How do you approach financial management as an entrepreneur? Do you use specific tools or resources? Do you hire help at tax time? 

Hired help. (Back to that great outsourcer thing.)


We’ve all seen the memes: real life vs. Pinterest life. What’s one “Pinterest idea” or false impression others have about your work/life/business experience?

That we shower every day.

The Mom Details

Tell me about your mom life.

I became a mom at 38 when I had my son Jack and I had my daughter Zoe at 40. I never imagined being a mom because I thought it would be too hard. I was right. And I love it more than I ever imagined possible.  

How does being a mom impact your business vision?

It impacts everything about my business because my coaching totally transformed and now my main focus is on coaching moms. I always wanted to coach, and now it’s all about how we can be the best moms we can be.  


How has your work habits changed after you had kids, as your kids grow, or both? 

I’m forever fine-tuning it to make it more ideal for me and them.

Tell me about your childcare arrangements? How do you balance work and mom life? Who helps you out? 

My mom picks them up from school one day a week. And we have lots of on-hand date night sitters. Otherwise, I work when my kids are at school and in bed.  


Brining it All Together

Headshots Dk Blue Side 001 copy.jpg

If you could go back and talk to yourself the month before you became pregnant with your twins, what would you tell yourself about how “things” would turn out? 

I’d say everything will be ok. Just be you. You’ve got this.


When people ask you, “how do you do it all?” what do you say? 

With a lot of help.

What are some financial lessons learned that you’d offer up to other mompreneurs?

Don’t invest in a lot of programs. Invest in the right coach and team.


How do you recharge and keep your personal energy up when you’re running a business and raising little ones?

I have an awesome morning routine that fuels me. I take time for myself. I eat clean healthy food, I exercise daily, and I focus on my happiness.  

What do you know now as a mompreneur that you wish you’d known "way back when"?

I wish I knew the right people to help me expand my business sooner.  


What advice would you give to fellow mompreneurs or moms who are thinking about jumping into entrepreneurial territory? 

Focus on what you love and do that 90% of the time. Find people to do the rest for you.


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